List of Universities in Thanjavur District

Universities in Thanjavur district, their affiliated colleges and their contact details. In Thanjavur 4 universities are found and their details with affiliated colleges. All these Universities are recognised and approved by 'University Grants Commision (UGC)'. Use search functionality to search by university name.
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Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science and Technology, Thanjavur

Periyar Maniammai University (PMU) is a university in the town of Vallam Thanjavur, Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, India.
Naturally, higher education leads to promote research. In our university, potential Resource Personnel and necessary facilities are available in all Departments and Centre to carry out research. We do research in Basic & ...

Ponnaiyah Ramajayam Institute of Science and Technology, Thanjavur

Prof.P.Murugesan founded RICST(Ram Institute of Computer Science & Technology) in 1985, way ahead of the IT-wave of the 90′s. This pioneering effort in the agricultural district of Thanjavur gained quick recognition by its affiliation to the Bharathidasan University in 1989 for PGDCA course.
This led to the establishment of Ponnaiyah Ramajayam ...

Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology, Research and Academy, Thanjavur

SASTRA is located on the Thanjavur-Tiruchirapalli highway at a distance of 17 km from Thanjavur and 40 km from Tiruchirapalli. One of the most picturesque districts in the State, Thanjavur has the reputation of being the ‘Rice Bowl’ of Tamil Nadu. The town owns the pride of being the location ...

Tamil University, Thanjavur

Knowledge and intelligence are the essential qualities that distinguish a human being from other living creatures. While intelligence is innate, and in-born, knowledge is acquired. But both these noble qualities are motivated, nourished and cultured in academic bodies. These institutions of higher learning are widely known as Universities. Ancient India ...

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